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About us

Are you looking for Trading Card Games? Board Games? Strategy and Rolepaying Games? We love playing games. Whether it is an intense trading card duel with a nail biting finish, a casual mess around with collectables, or a great night in with friends and family playing board games and strategy, we are here to share you interest. We aim to bring you all the things you look for while playing your favourite games in the comfort of your own home, or while out with your friends. We are a local Brighton based organisation bringing you the best of all games you love to play.

Our aim is to be a one stop shop for all things gaming, from selling all the latest cards and accessories, to our active online forum where like-minded people meet to discuss the latest strategies and play games. We also have a very friendly customer service team, ready to help you with any question you have and advice on all products and services we offer.

Currently based in the Brighton and Hove area, we arrange weekly meetings for casual Trading Card Gaming. Focusing mainly around Magic The Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Vanguard, and Lords of War, we look to encourage novices and experts alike. We are also looking to expand further into weekly board games for people to drop in and join in the fun. For more information about our next and future gatherings visit our forum page HERE or if you would like to subscribe for more updates please sign up to our mailing list HERE

Established in 2011, we aim to provide high quality products and excellent customer service, always looking to offer you the latest products available today. Our small but dedicated team look forward to welcoming you to the world of Riddler’s Games.

You can even follow us on FACEBOOK for our latest updates and news on any special promotions or competitions.

If you have an interest and not sure where to start, why not visit out partner organisation and event organisation team 'Brighton Fantasy Card Games' they have a growing community, so why not visit them today and get started? Join them on FACEBOOK or why not try thier OFFICIAL PAGE

Adam "The Riddler" Etheridge

Head of Riddler's Game